Why Does Eating Apples Hurt My Teeth

If the outer layer of teeth enamel is damaged your teeth become sensitive to sugary foods hot or cold drinks and even irritants have easier access to your teeth nerve center which can cause extreme pain. Chewing the fibrous texture of the fruit and its skin can stimulate your gums reduce cavity-causing bacteria and increase saliva flow.

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Why does eating apples hurt my teeth. Let me reiterate this isnt a one time in every ten apples. Sort of thing but rather ten times in every one apple. Try switching to a desensitizing toothpaste like Sensodyne and you should notice a difference.

Ingesting sweet foods and drinks can also cause pain or discomfort. Acidic foods and drinks can remove small amounts of tooth enamel over time exposing the nerve center in the the inner layer of your teeth. This acid acts as a mild astringent on teeth which can make them appear brighter and whiter.

10182016 Apples naturally contain malic acid which is also found in those expensive teeth whitening products. Here we discuss 12 of the most common from straightforward cavities to tooth pain thats a symptom of another health condition. 67K views View 7 Upvoters.

When the middle layer of your tooth is exposed anything you eat or drink can reach your nerve endings. But they do contain sugar and acid which can be harmful to your teeth. 3262020 Gum recession may result in the exposure of the roots.

3152017 Apples are natures toothbrush. Sometimes a sore tooth would ache when biting on hard foodstuff the apple may have been hard. However Apples and other citrous fruits do contain high acidity levels which can cause damage to your teeth such as erosion if caution is not taken.

This is a common question we get a lot and as it ends up there are 2 primary reasons eating an apple can harm your gums. Because I get similar feelings when I eat apples. Apples strengthen your bones.

Reviewed by Alfred D. You may be allergic to apples or a. Gums may shrink back naturally and result in tooth sensitivity.

Like other crisp raw vegetables and fruits apples can also gently remove plaque trapped between teeth. So follow these tips. Why Do My Teeth Hurt.

382019 Teeth hurt for a lot of reasons. Wyatt Jr DMD on October 27 2020. 722011 You are getting an exagerated response from The temperatures change and the pressure ones.

Sugary substances can damage teeth making them prone to sensitivity. Generally it should be tolerated but if you have an ulcer or other inflammatory. You should check your dentist to avoid any other kind of problems and also there are some toothpastes that are specially designed with little amount of anesthesia to heal this temporary.

182021 For teeth eating or drinking sweets are a double whammy. 9202011 Apples hurt your teeth because they are acidic and your teeth are likely sensitive due to acid erosion. Apples and other fruits are good for your health as part of a healthy balanced diet.

Why Do My Teeth Hurt After Eating Acidic Foods. After my morning dark roast with a double shot of espresso I always follow it up with an apple to make sure my smile is stain-free. The high acidity levels of apples can damage your teeth Doctors quite rightly say that eating apples is good but if you eat them slowly the high acidity levels can damage your teeth.

9162014 The skinny on apples The long and the short of it is that apples are exceptional foods for you teeth and gums and for your overall health packed with nutrients vitamins and fiber to give you energy and with teeth-brushing texture. Generally it should be tolerated but if you have an ulcer or other inflammatory. If your teeth ever hurt after eating the cause could be a highly acidic food which is a known cause of sensitive teeth.

Eating a large amount of fruit including apples can lead to tooth decay but not because of high acid levels eating at the tooth enamel. So when the enamel is damaged it exposes the teeths sensitive inner layer and causes the teeth to hurt. Every single bite without fail I get several pieces of apple skin stuck between my teeth which is hard to get out even with floss and is quite painful.

However fruit is a natural source of sugar. The truth is that fruit can actually be a good part of a healthy diet. Apple cider can be very acidic and irritating to a sensitive stomach.

Another cause of tooth sensitivity and pain is a cracked tooth or filling. The apple peel on the exterior of the apple is pushing up versus your gums causing pressure and pain. If were talking about the formation of a cavity then yes the type of food your eat does play a significant role.

Tooth grinding is a habit that can wear down the enamel on the teeth leaving the dentin exposed. I think its just biting into the hard apples and the hard surface rubbing against your gums and teeth causing a bit of discomfort.

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