What Causes Perimenopause Weight Gain

As previously mentioned estrogen produced erratically and in large concentrations tends to cause fluid retention. This may lead to overall swelling of the body swelling due to fluid accumulation.

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Weight gain in other parts of the body is related to other factors.

What causes perimenopause weight gain. Perimenopause weight gain is often associated with the laying down of fat around the abdomen and internal organs as opposed to the hips and thighs. In addition estrogen production can affect the higher brain centers which control appetite so as to increase hunger. 26022020 Estrogen and body fat in perimenopause At the start of perimenopause some women have higher levels of estrogen in relation to progesterone a hormone that balances the effects of estrogen.

This fluid may contribute to transient weight gain which may be transient. 06072019 Hormonal Causes of Weight Gain. 09092016 Oestrogen dominance is a major factor in weight gain and although many women are given supplemental oestrogen at perimenopause from HRT the essential balancing role of progesterone is neglected.

Hormonal changes during menopause are partly responsible for weight gain during this period. 20112019 Hormonal fluctuations associated with perimenopause and menopause means your body deals with the food you eat in a different way. This happens because the decline in estrogen causes fat cells in the abdominal area to begin storing more fat and it can also make it harder to reduce fat in the area.

Lose Weight During Menopause I Causes of Perimenopause Weight Gain – YouTube. 12042012 One reason for weight gain during menopause may be the consumption of too many calories. 29072020 How perimenopause impacts weight gain During perimenopause which typically starts around age 40 your estrogen levels start to fluctuate so your body starts to look for an estrogen replacement and finds one in fat which produces estrone the weakest version of the three types of estrogen which also include estradiol and estriol.

Contributors to weight gain at menopause include declining oestrogen levels age-related loss of muscle tissue and lifestyle factors such as diet and lack of exercise. However research studies have shown that hormonal fluctuations may cause weight gain around the abdomen only. Our metabolism naturally reduces.

With estrogen as the dominant hormone you may notice that youre gaining weightand its happening primarily in the hips and thighs. Be very mindful of your total calorie intake. See your doctor for information and guidance if you havent exercised in some time.

This may result in weight gain or in some cases weight loss. 14122020 Our hormones also influence fat distribution. 05062019 One of the most common complaints among women in perimenopause is weight gain around the midsection.

05092018 The sudden decline in these hormones is responsible for all of the symptoms associated with menopause including weight gain. Lose Weight During Menopause I Causes of Perimenopause Weight Gain. 05032018 Fluctuations in estrogen levels cause weight gain during menopause.

These sex hormones estrogen and progesterone are some of the most important hormones in biology because they help define the female phenotype. Other midlife factors like stress lack of sleep and reduced physical activity can. For women especially as you age youll lose lean muscle mass and the amount of calories your body needs to support itself decreases.

It is not uncommon for women in perimenopause to gain. Hormonal changes and age result in increased appetite and decreased metabolic rate. Treatment options include a healthy diet regular exercise strength training and HRT.

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